• Zeta Psi Chapter Of Sigma Nu Fraternity


    It is the mission of the Zeta Psi Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at Lamar University to:


    Develop and demonstrate strong bonds of brotherhood among all members and candidates, which are designed to last a lifetime.


    Aggressively pursue opportunities to involve the parents of members and candidates, as well as the alumni brothers of the fraternity, to foster an organization larger and stronger than just the collegiate chapter.


    Earnestly use the LEAD program to develop the characters and leadership potential of members and candidates, and to involve alumni brothers in the delivery of the program.


    Be recognized by the national fraternity as a chapter to be emulated by other chapters nationwide because of demonstrated excellence in the areas of academics, philanthropy, reputation, and student leadership.


    Be recognized by the students and administration of Lamar University as the premier fraternity on campus in regards to academics, philanthropy, reputation, and student leadership.


    Actively support the efforts of Lamar University in the areas of athletics and campus student organizations by active participation and attendance at events and meetings.


    Aggressively apply the principles of the Zeta Psi 5 in setting the goals of the fraternity to fulfill its mission, both on a local and national scale, with the overarching desire:


                       To Believe in the Life of Love

                       To Walk in the Way of Honor

                       To Serve in the Light of Truth

                       This is the Life, the Way and the Light of Sigma Nu

                       This is the Creed of our Fraternity