• arey Dees Sigma Nu Scramble and Alumni Day

    We greatly enjoyed spending time with our alumni at the annual Carey Dees (Zeta Psi 360) Memorial Sigma Nu Scramble.  It was our honor to be the hosts for the alumni BBQ at the golf tournament!!

    We also want to thank all of the alumni brothers who help us in our fundraiser by purchasing the golf tees, towels and ball markers!!





    Spring 2018 Candidates

    We want to welcome to our chapter our newest candidates!!

    Casey Porter

    Andres Medrano

    Mustapha Hachicho


    Fall 2017 Initiates

    Congratulations to the newest Knights of the Legion of Honor!!



    Russell Mittal, Zeta Psi 663


    Lester "Mac" Cifuentes, Zeta Psi 664

    Charles Doss, Zeta Psi 665

    Eddie Macias, Zeta Psi 666

    Daniel Mikel, Zeta Psi 667

    Eric Mittal, Zeta Psi 668

    Stevyn Ortuno, Zeta Psi 669

    Norberto Salinas, Zeta Psi 670

    Carlos Sanchez, Zeta Psi 671

    Edgar Zaragoza, Zeta Psi 672


    Annual Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament

    Thank you to all our participants, sponsors and donors that helped with our annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament benefitting St. Jude's Children's Hospital