Sigma Nu Lights

  • Christmas lights are beautiful and a great way to celebrate the holidays; however, hanging them up can be time consuming and a hassle. Let Sigma Nu take the hassle out of the holidays for you by hanging your lights!


    Would you like Sigma Nu to hang your Christmas Lights this year? I'm sure you have a few questions.


    Wow much does it cost?


    $125.00 for set up and take down is our base price and most houses can be done for this price. However, some large houses or extravagant light displays may require us to quote an individual price above the base price.


    When will my lights be put up?


    Typically we begin putting lights up right after thanksgiving, but if you would like your's hung earlier than that, we will be glad to do it. Just email us at or fill out this form; give us the prefered date and time you would like the lights hung and we will contact you ASAP to confirm the appointment.


    Will you take them down too?


    Yes! The price includes both set up and take down.


    How do I sign up?


    To sign up, fill out this form or email us at