Why go Sigma Nu?



    Sigma Nu is founded against Hazing!

    Sigma Nu was actually founded as a protest movement to hazing. Our three founders were unwilling to accept any amount of hazing then being allowed at VMI. They were they willing to suffer and they were doggedly adamant about eliminating it. In October 1868, with clasped hands on the Bible, they gave their solemn pledge to form a brotherhood of a new society they called the Legion of Honor.  We expect all members and new members to abide by our founders vision of a brotherhood opposed to hazing.


    Our founders at Virginia Military Institute lived by a code of honor. The Honor system at VMI required each cadet to conform to the duty imposed by his conscience that each act be governed by a high sense of Honor. We are the first fraternity to be founded upon this honor principle. When lived out in the bonds of fraternal brotherhood, the honor principle brings a level of integrity and excellence that is uncommon in a world of relative truth.


    Sigma Nu is, first and above all, a brotherhood. The friendships and memories we form here will last a lifetime. Fraternity, for us, is all about supporting one another, and working together to build a far richer college experience than any would have otherwise. Furthermore, Sigma Nu is not just four years, it’s for life.

    Ethical Leadership

    Sigma Nu is committed to developing ethical leadership.  In doing so, our strategy is twofold.  Sigma Nu provides leadership opportunities through various positions and committee involvement in addition to increased exposure to other campus leadership opportunities.  Sigma Nu also provides leadership education Through the LEAD (Leadership Ethics Achievement Development) Program.  The LEAD Program is a four-year leadership development curriculum that starts from the first day you become a member and does not end until you graduate. Each of the four phases correspond with your year in school (Freshman- Phase I, Sophomore- Phase II, etc…) and teaches you skills applicable to your college experience and helps prepare you for life after college.




    Sigma Nu is a national fraternity, with hundreds of chapters and hundreds of thousands of brothers across the U.S. and Canada. It was founded over a century ago, resting on the three core ideals of Love, Honor, and Truth. Brothers from Sigma Nu can be found in prominent leadership positions in the fields of business, entertainment, military, sports, and government.