Zeta Psi 5

  • The Zeta Psi 5

    An organized look at what we do as a chapter


    I.  Brotherhood



    Brotherhood nights

    Alumni Relations (including HQ)

    Proper recitation of the Ritual of Sigma Nu


    II.  Image

    a.  Philanthropy

    b.  Social Events

    c.  Campus/IFC involvement


    III.  Recruitment/Retention

    a.  Recruitment Program – Values Based Recruiting

    b.  Candidate Program – LEAD Phase I

    c.  Anti-Hazing Policy


    IV.  Academics

    a.  Minimum Candidate GPA – 2.0 (Will not be initiated without proper GPA)

    b.  Minimum Officer GPA – 2.5 (Positive, brotherhood focused punishment for non-compliance)

    c.  Scholarship


    V.  Money

    a.  Fundraising

    b.  Dues

    c.  Nationals Fees (insurance, conclave, member dues)

    1. Operating Budget (for each semester)